Nicole Ginoux Hall

« Space of 1000M2 dedicated to all types of guitars,
acoutic, electric, folk, but also
to amps, accessories and wood suppliers.
Nicole Ginoux Hall is equipped with
a bar restaurant area and a space dedicated to the specialized
press. »

➢ 1 table (240/80cm) 600€ excluding VAT. (720€ with VAT)
➢ 2 tables (480/80cm) 1100€ excluding VAT. (1 320€ with VAT)
➢ 3 tables (720/80cm) 1500€ excluding VAT. (1800€ with VAT)
➢+ de 3 tables, 500€ per table excluding VAT (600€ per table with VAT)

Grand Salon Classique (classical guitar manufacturing)

« An area of 300M2 exclusively decicated to the
classical guitar maker (renaissance, baroque,
romantic, lutes, mandolins, etc.) »

➢ 1 table (140/80cm) 300€ excluding VAT. (360€ with VAT)
➢ 2 tables (280/80cm) 550€ excluding VAT. (660€ with VAT)




  •  An equipped stand one or more tables covered with a black cloth, chairs, and a power outlet.
    Remember to bring you power strips and other presentation accessories.
  •  La mise à disposition de 6 isolated and secured test rooms to allow the visiting public to safely test the exhibition material.
  • Two name badges allowing you to move freely in all spaces related to the exhibition halls.
  • Reduced rates at bar / restaurant areas
    All people with badges benefit from reduced rates on all drinks on sale at bar / restaration areas.
    Warning no outside food intake will be tolerated in the property.
  • Reduced rates to evening concerts,
    find our program on
    Tickets to be picked up on site.
  • 3 nominative invitations at the Salon de la Belle Guitare to offer to your contacts and customers
    Invitation to withdraw on the spot.
  • La mise à disposition de guitar stands HERCULES , à l’accueil du Salon, en priorité pour les exposants étrangers.
  • High speed 4G internet connection 
  • A demonstration concert instruments and exhibition equipment, subject to availability of places.
  • Security your instruments and exhibition equipment during the night and outside opening hours.
  • A communication pour la promotion du festival et du salon (internet, journaux, affichage, etc.)

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