Nicole Ginoux Hall

« Space of 1000M2 dedicated to all types of guitars,
acoutic, electric, folk, but also
to amps, accessories and wood suppliers.
Nicole Ginoux Hall is equipped with
a bar restaurant area and a space dedicated to the specialized
press. »

➢ 1 table (240/80cm) 600€ excluding VAT. (720€ with VAT)
➢ 2 tables (480/80cm) 1100€ excluding VAT. (1 320€ with VAT)
➢ 3 tables (720/80cm) 1500€ excluding VAT. (1800€ with VAT)
➢+ de 3 tables, 500€ per table excluding VAT (600€ per table with VAT)

Grand Salon Classique (classic manufacturing)

« An area of 300M2 exclusively decicated to the
classical guitar maker (renaissance, baroque,
romantic, lutes, mandolins, etc.) »

➢ 1 table (140/80cm) 300€ excluding VAT. (360€ with VAT)
➢ 2 tables (280/80cm) 550€ excluding VAT. (660€ with VAT)


An equipped stand with one or more tables covered with black tablecloth, chairs, and a power outlet. Remember to bring you power strips and other presentation accessories.

 The provision of 6 isolated and secure test rooms to allow the visiting public to safely test the exhibition equipment.

 Two name badges allowing you to circulate freely in all spaces related to the exhibition halls.

 Reduced rates at bar / restaurant areas sur l’ensemble des consommations en vente aux espaces bars/restaration (attention, aucun apport extérieur de nourriture ne sera toléré dans l’enceinte de l’établissement).

 Reduced rates to evening concerts - Tickets to be picked up on site.

 3 nominative invitations for the Salon de La Belle Guitare, to offer to your contacts and customers – Invitations to be picked up on site.

 The provision of HERCULES guitar stands,at the reception of the Salon, in priority for foreign exhibitors.

 A high speed HIFI internet connection

 A demonstration concertinstruments and exhibition equipments, subject to availability.

 The safety of your instruments and exhibition equipments during the night and closing hours.

 Communication for the promotion of the festival and the show (internet, newspapers, posters, flyers, etc.)

Guitares Au Beffroi – 8th Edition

Guitares Au Beffroi – 8th Edition

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